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Software Solutions for Public Safety

At MdE, Inc, we are all about Managing Data Efficiently. That's why we came up with this suite of software products designed specifically for the needs and challenges of public safety employees. We want to help you simplify, speed up and automate your record keeping processes, so that you can focus on more important aspects of your job.

Employee Management and Equipment Tracking Software

Our software solutions address record keeping, data retention and reporting in such areas as field training, employee performance, equipment tracking, and K9 care and training. Many large and small public and private organizations specializing in public safety use our software to streamline their operations. Remember, if it's not documented, it didn't happen!

MdE's Industry Leading Software Solutions

Each of our software products comes with exceptional customer support, and we are always open for your feedback and feature requests.

A.D.O.R.E.—Web based and fully customizable Field Training Evaluation Software (FTO/PTO or Custom Design)
Performance Evaluation  web based, user-friendly streamlined periodic employee evaluations
CLASS software saves time with rapid data entry for groups of people at one time (e.g.- Diversity Workshop)
Employee Records Management simplifies tracking job requirements & ‘flags’ expiring records
Equipment Tracking documents from purchase through end-of-use including all warranty & repairs
KATS™ K9 software—A robust, standalone canine software with a proven track record in court