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International Association of Chief’s of Police – 2019 Conference

What is the IACP? The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), founded in 1893, is a self-described “world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders.” The IACP has more than 30,000 members in 160 countries. IACP is a “leader in global policing,” according to its website. The organization is committed to advancing safer communities through thoughtful, progressive police leadership. The three tenants of the IACP annual conference are training, networking, and exhibit hall education. The Current Administration Pledges Law Enforcement Support during Annual Gathering of Police Chiefs President Trump, who has always championed police, expressed his admiration for those who wear the badge. “You do an incredible job,” he said to thunderous applause during his speech at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Exposition, which was held in Chicago’s McCormick Place. MdE thinks so too! MdE Founder Attends IACP Conference The current Administration is fully supporting law enforcement, and so is MdE. Company owner and founder Lisa Reaver attended the 2019 IACP conference as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to support law enforcement. Lisa attended training workshops to keep abreast of what the current concerns are for first responders so that MdE […]

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How to Keep Up With Certifications in Your Police Department

When most people think of police work they think of chasing down burglars, walking beats, and being involved in high-speed car chases, and while these certainly are all aspects of the job, most of an officer’s time is spent doing less exciting tasks. A police officer’s most important tool is not his gun or baton, instead, it is his pencil and pen. There’s a lot of paperwork that goes around a police station, and there are a lot of different certifications that all of your officers need to maintain. We wanted to take a little time today to discuss how public safety management software can help you.                 Employee Records Management Our Employee Records Management software (ERM) is a very powerful tool that allows you to track different types of information. Below are just a few examples of what ERM can do for your department:       Track all employees’ job requirements       Restrict access based on subject matter or chain of command       Instant notification regarding employee job compliance reduces time spent searching through records                 Quick Record Updates Another important aspect of our management software is the CLASS module. MdE’s CLASS module allows you to […]

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Benefits of Juvenile Detention Center Software 

MdE Inc. provides juvenile detention center software nationwide. The benefits of our software are outlined below. Performance Evaluation One of the benefits of using our juvenile detention center software is the ability to evaluate the performance of your employees. Our software can help you with performance evaluations through the following features: Automate and update your existing performance evaluation and appraisal templates. Input Journal entries from anywhere using our web-based software. Attach photos, documents, and files to any evaluation. Allow for critical reporting for remediation and termination. Our software allows you an effective and efficient method to complete employee performance evaluations. ADORE™ FTO/PTO System Makes Your Life Easier Efficiency is key to any successfully run detention facility. ADORE™ can assist by offering: A web-based paperless system for performance evaluations and observation reports (you can easily attach documents and videos to any category). Color-coded performance charts and trending analysis. Summary and remediation/termination reports. Software that’s easily customizable by you, the end-user, so that it’s done when you need it done! Equipment Tracking At a juvenile detention center, there is important equipment that you need to keep a close eye on. Our juvenile detention center software helps do just that.  Below are some of […]

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Support Your EMS Team With Efficient FTO Software

If you’re not using FTO software to support your EMS team, then you’re putting them at a disadvantage. FTO software has greatly revolutionized the EMS field, and if you want to provide the best service possible, you need to be using it. FTO software has a lot to offer to the EMS field, and our ADORE™ software has been the industry leader since 1999. FTO Software Saves Time In the medical field, time is key. Five minutes could be the difference between life and death, and it’s for this reason that you need your EMS teams to be as efficient as possible. When you switch to a paperless web-based system, like our ADORE™ system, you’re ensuring your EMS team has complete and quick access to information at all times. It also makes it very easy to create summaries and reports, which helps to cut down on time spent filling out forms. FTO Software Keeps Your Data Safe If you’re familiar with the game rock/paper/scissors then you know that scissors cut paper, but it’s not the only thing that can hurt paper. Water, fire, and even something as simple as misplacing it can compromise your data and cost your team valuable […]

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Why Update Your ERM Software in 2019?

Employee Records Management (ERM) software​ is meant to replace your traditional filing cabinet where records and other important employee documents are often stored. The software streamlines the records management process and allows for easy entering of employee information, and quick retrieval of information recorded. ERM software advances with technology and newer, more efficient models become available in order to keep up with the growing needs of businesses in the law enforcement and public safety industries. What can updating your records management software do for your business in 2019? All-Inclusive Files Manually entering employee information, training records, and certifications into your ERM software can be tedious and take up valuable time that could be spent performing critical duties and field training exercises. More advanced software allows for the upload of images, documents, and other media that can quicken your records processes and provide proof of employee activities and certifications. Remote Accessibility Tired of having to make calls to your HR department whenever you’re in the field and need important employee information? New ERM software gives you the benefit of being able to access the records while out of the office, meaning you’ll be more efficient and save a great deal of […]

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