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Some Things to Look for When Evaluating New Recruits

After hiring new recruits to work in the public safety sector, individual evaluation is essential. Effective evaluation allows you to form a professional team operating at peak efficiencies. Most all new recruits go through intense training in their first couple weeks (or months). During this time their performance is evaluated regularly (if not daily) to ensure they are fully capable of performing the critical tasks the job demands. Having worked with public safety in every state nationwide, we’re able to share some of the criteria often used when evaluating new recruits. RED Flags in Evaluation Noticing the following things during a new hire’s evaluation period can provide subtle hints they may not be cut out for the job: Not maintaining composure in stressful or emergency situations Inability or unwillingness to coordinate efforts with other officers on-scene Failure to identify and interview all potential witnesses Engaging in distracting activity while driving (i.e. cell phone use) Non-compliance with driving laws Not limiting radio transmissions to only that which is necessary Disrespect to fellow officers or public citizens Inability to adapt appropriately to a change in procedures Untidy appearance or unkempt uniform Inability to keep assigned equipment clean and in order GREEN Flags […]

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Field Training Software for EMS

The training and evaluation of new hires in the Emergency Medical Services field is especially important. After all, their primary job is to provide emergency medical care. To ensure your employees are properly educated and trained to do the job, you need a strong and efficient system in place for your trainers and evaluators to document training and performance. MdE Inc. has provided field training software for EMS to hundreds of departments across the United States since 1999. We offer state-of-the-art field training software for EMS professionals, as well as for others in the public safety sector. You understand the importance of training—we are dedicated to making your job of tracking that training easier so you can get your new hires better educated without compromising thoroughness. Let’s take a look at the primary functions of our EMS training software: Simplifies the Evaluation process Our user interface and software navigation make it easier for managers to automate their existing performance evaluations. These evaluations can be created, edited, and completed at any location, whether in the office or in the field. Our web-based application offers a paperless system for observation reports and performance evaluations, saving you both time and money. It also provides critical […]

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