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Tips For Conducting a Successful Field Training Session

Training future personnel to perform in their various positions is more complicated than simply telling them what to do. Training someone in any position is about teaching them the basics while also giving them insights into the more intimate details of the position. Here are a few ways that you can improve your training sessions to help set your trainees up for success. Provide Organized, Clear Information One of the most important parts of a good lesson is organization. When information is presented in a haphazard way, lots of little details can slip through the cracks of your listener’s memory. Start your session with a summary of what you will be covering and what you expect from your trainees. You can then begin the training session properly with the content you want to cover. At the end of your session, repeat what you’ve gone over so that no piece of information gets lost along the way. Use Different Methods of Teaching People learn new information in very different ways. So, as you teach new concepts and procedures to your trainees, employ several different teaching methods in your training; include written materials, explain the concepts aloud, and engage your trainees with […]

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Not Sure How to Go to Paperless?

Paperwork used to be one of the tenants of office life, but these days, the idea of paperwork is far less literal than it used to be. If you’re thinking of making the jump to go paperless, you’ll need a few components to get you rolling. Read on if you’re not sure about how to make the transition to a paperless office. What Does it Mean to Be “Paperless”? Going paperless is all about transitioning the data that your department generates from the physical to the digital world. So, if you have a series of files about a particular employee, to go paperless, you may transcribe that data into a document within your computer, as a simple example. You may also replace post-it notes with a computer application that provides note-taking capabilities. Why Go Paperless? There are many benefits to going paperless. Unlike paper, computer applications can provide additional features that may prove useful. After all, paper documents don’t have built-in reminders or alarms. Paper documents are also a bit final in their existence. That is to say that if you lose or damage a piece of paper, it is rendered useless. A digital document, on the other hand, can […]

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User Groups Matter

In business computing, a user group is a set of people who have similar interests, goals, or concerns. A user group can be devoted to a technology, application, or corporation, some even to a specific product of a particular corporation. The members have regular meetings where they can share their ideas. Whether done annually or quarterly, globally or regionally, face-to-face or online, the User Group can be a valuable tool for both customer and vendor. When User Groups are held, customers are taught more about the product they utilize. Best practices can be shared not only by expert users, but also by networking with others who learn by comparing situations and actual experience. Events are typically planned well in advance, held at a destination city, and facilitated by experts who follow a detailed lesson plan. Online options Peer-to-peer support is an important aspect of user groups, and something that online platforms help facilitate. Nowadays, with tools (like Zoom and GoToMeeting), planning a physical gathering several months (even a year or more) in advance are no longer the only way to get together. Online meetings have the ability to provide those interactive sessions to demonstrate solutions to the topics raised by […]

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3 Reasons to Go Paperless in Your Office

Going paperless is the process of transitioning from writing your records on paper to typing out your forms on the computer. For your office, whether it is within a corrections facility or a law enforcement agency, dispatch center or sheriff’s office, going paperless is a great way to improve your operations. Today we’re going to take a look at the top three reasons to go paperless with MdE, Inc.   Paper Documents Waste Time. Have you ever been late to a meeting because you couldn’t find a form? Have you ever had to backtrack to your office to search for a document you could have sworn you had seen that morning? When you work with paper documents, these scenarios are probably pretty common in your office. Every time you have to scour your file cabinets for a lost file, you’re wasting valuable time better utilized elsewhere. When you go paperless, you can easily search for files within the online database, finding them in seconds rather than minutes. Paper Documents Waste Space. Though paper may seem thin and inconsequential, it’s unlikely you’re only going to have one piece of paper in your file cabinet. You’re going to have hundreds of papers, […]

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