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4 Ways Software Helps You Run an Effective Correctional Facility

Running a correctional facility is no walk in the park. Whether housing hardened criminals in a penitentiary or running a county jail, running an efficient facility is paramount to success. In today’s day and age, this is a feat not accomplished without the right software. Here are four ways correctional facility software helps you run an effective correctional facility. Performance Evaluation No matter what business you are in, performance evaluations are necessary for good management. The correctional business is no exception. With proper correctional facility software, performance reports can be easily accessed and edited from anywhere. Documents, files, and pictures can easily be attached to reports, including existing reports which can be integrated into your new system. Efficiency in Field Training Today’s software has replaced filing cabinets, at least for those looking to run at peak efficiency. The A.D.O.R.E. module is a web-based and paperless field-training software which streamlines the field training performance evaluation process and can even integrate backlogged employee reviews. It’s entirely customizable to your specific business and provides instant access to trainee strengths and weaknesses for remediation/termination reports. Equipment Tracking It takes a lot of equipment to run a correctional facility. From the gear worn by guards […]

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Saving Lives with Reliable Dispatch Software

Communication centers are at the heart of the dispatching process and their accuracy and efficiency must be their highest priority. Here’s how they can do their job more efficiently and save lives with reliable dispatch software.

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Join MdE, Inc. at the CALEA Conference

MdE, Inc. recently attended the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Conference March 21st – 22nd. We were in booth 14, thanks for coming by to talk with us! Details for The CALEA Conference CALEA stands for Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Conference Location: The Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center 7600 John Q Hammons Dr. Frisco, TX 75034. For more information on the event’s location, or for directions to the event, you can visit the CALEA conference event page. Visit our Booth During the Conference! MdE, Inc. will be located at booth #14 and we will be there Wednesday 3/21 and Thursday 3/22 to meet everyone. So stop by and let’s talk about how our specialized and efficient software solutions can help your department. Our software was uniquely tailored for and by the public safety industry. We listened to industry thought leaders and decision makers and built our service around their needs—not the other way around! For a preview of the types of software we provide, check out our software solutions for public safety page on our website. Workshops at the CALEA Conference CALEA offers a variety of workshops for all attendees on the accreditation process […]

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Is Performance Evaluation Bias Affecting your Department?

Many branches of the public safety sector employ professionals whose primary job is to ensure the safety of the public. Because of this, it is incredibly important that they perform their duties efficiently, carefully, responsibly, and without error. In order to be ensure that your employees are fit to take on the important roles they are assigned, a performance evaluation system must be in place. One problem faced in performance evaluations is bias. Bias is a prejudice or inclination in favor of or against someone. It is fair to both the employee and the organization they work for, that performance evaluations be free from bias. But how do we avoid this? Let’s first take a look at some common evaluation biases and trends that occur in the workplace: Men and women are sometimes evaluated more critically or more lenient because of their gender. Evaluators tend to be more forgiving around the holidays and New Year. Trends have been found that show discrepancies on evaluations based on the day of the week (i.e. Monday versus Friday). The time of day can have an effect on quality of evaluations, i.e. more strict at the beginning of a shift and more lenient at the end of the day. A […]

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Improving Data Integrity with Software

Today, we live in a digital world and do most of our data construction, utilization, and management electronically. Ensuring this data is accurate and reliable over the entire span of its life is the basic goal of data integrity. Key points regarding managing data are listed below: Data should be recorded at the time of observation Data should be accurate, that is free from errors, and conform with protocol Data should reflect who observed and recorded it Data should reflect to whom (or what) it pertains Data should be easily understood Data should be recorded in a permanent manner, including all original entries. How can I improve data integrity with software? Data that is stored electronically is much more secure and permanent than data stored on paper. Software programs work as a single source for your data, stored electronically, and can be secured in many ways to ensure its permanence and safety. Physical documents, however, can be easy for other parties to lose or alter. Losing sensitive and important data or allowing it to be placed in the wrong hands greatly reduces the integrity of the data and can cause irreparable damage. Recording data as it is happening is more […]

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Police Department Software

Technology is important for almost every kind of business, and the public safety sector is no exception. MdE has developed a variety of web-based software programs which enable police departments to run more smoothly and efficiently in all areas from employee management to equipment tracking and much more. Performance Evaluation Software Being able to access performance evaluation entries when you’re on the job is increasingly important to those in law enforcement. The safety of the public relies heavily on the performance of these individuals, and even the slightest breach of conduct can put the public, as well as your police department at risk. Having performance evaluation software on-the-go is a new and helpful possibility thanks to our web-based software. Observation Reports & Evaluations Our web-based, paperless system for daily observation reports allows you to attach photos, videos, and other documents to use for future reference. Reports can be signed electronically and are customizable for your specific department. Employee Records Management Our ERM software is a great tool for tracking employee’s job requirements and notifying of employee deadlines. All employee records can be maintained in a digital format and accessed only by those who have authorization. Equipment Tracking Our equipment tracking […]

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