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The Importance of FTO Refreshers

The Field Training Program often sets the tone for new employees in the Public Safety arena. It is therefore important to ensure that Trainers are being provided the most up-to-date training and coaching techniques. It is important that Field Training Officers (FTOs) maintain and refresh their training skills every 2 to 3 years. Refresher courses are typically recommended for Field Training Officers that already have experience training and evaluating new recruits in patrol, corrections, and communication and can be utilized to train an FTO with previous experience who has simply left and is returning to the field. FTO courses are not for basic certification, but rather, give updated curriculum on new and important training techniques, legal changes, and communication and behavior styles. What Can a FTO Refresher Teach Me? A typical refresher course will review areas such as: The Importance of Standardized Evaluations Providing effective documentation Adult Learning General Leadership Ethics Teaching/Coaching Techniques Communication, Feedback, Mentoring Career Survival Tactics Being up to speed on the latest and most important new Field Training teaching methods assists the FTO in helping the new recruits enter the field prepared, motivated, and efficient. With a highly trained and refreshed FTO, your new officers will […]

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The Importance of Continued Education and Your Job

By the time most of us reach our early twenties and finish college, it seems like we have done nothing but go to school. We’ve spent our entire lives, since childhood, dedicated to education. Then you’re done – or so you thought! Industries are constantly changing, and continued education is required for workers to stay up to date with the latest technologies, skills and software for their fields. There are many professions that also require continuing education to meet industry standards and laws, like nurses, teachers, and many science-related fields. The world is ever changing and we need continued education to grow and change with it. Imagine for a moment that your lawyer wasn’t continuously educating himself on criminal justice and laws. Then he must represent you in a case where a law has recently changed in your favor. That lawyers’ lack of knowledge could potentially lose you the case. This idea is applicable across every field and profession. Continued education allows employees to brush up on skills, and keep themselves up to date on software upgrades. No matter the field, there are many programs that, with a working knowledge, could help you in your role. Providing a training course, […]

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Police Recruit Termination

Terminating an employee is never a desirable option, but sometimes it is necessary for the efficiency of a company or organization. When it comes to police recruits, it is imperative that only the most qualified advance into the force, for the safety of the public, as well as the rest of the police force. Unfortunately, terminating a police recruit can be a complicated task, in order to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit. Lawsuits regarding termination are more common than you’d think, and can waste precious time and money in legal proceedings. There are, however, steps that can be taken to help prevent wrongful termination suits. Reasons for Termination To help avoid a lawsuit it is important to have specific reasons for termination. So what are the most common reasons for termination? Incomplete or poor reporting skills is one of the most common reasons for police recruit termination. Police reporting is an essential part of a police officer’s job, and recruits who are unable to properly report an incident will unfortunately not be able to continue with the force. Another reason for termination is poor decision making skills. When someone’s life could be on the line, it’s essential for officers to […]

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What Makes an Effective Field Training Program

Field training programs are crucial for every public safety agency, whether it’s police, corrections, juvenile detention or emergency responders. At MdE, Inc., we provide software for field training programs, and we have worked with numerous field training officers to help streamline their jobs and improve efficiency. Here are some of the elements we found to be in common among many successful field training programs. Consistent Grading and Universal Standards When you have a clear grading system that is easy to apply, you end up with more consistent data across all recruits and their field training officers. It’s important that all recruits are measured against the same standards to prevent ill-fitting individuals from making the cut. And all field training officers should understand these standards and have clear guidelines for assigning grades based on the recruit’s performance. When you have such a system in place, it helps eliminate bias among FTOs. Ongoing Feedback for Recruits Every trainee has the right to know what they did wrong or right and how to correct their actions in the future. A FTO should provide such feedback in a timely manner and in a tangible form. Verbal feedback, while great for on-the-spot interactions, doesn’t create […]

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