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What Makes Great FTO/PTO Software?

If you’re managing training programs, then you are responsible for a variety of performance evaluations, records and other items associated with your program. Taking the time to put together reports is necessary, however, it may no longer need to be as much time as you’re used to giving up. With ADORE™, training officers can automate a large part of the process so you can focus on the information within the report. Below are a few things that make a great FTO/PTO software. Great Software Saves You Time Technology is a fantastic tool. It helps us keep track of our Compliance/Training information, allows us to communicate instantly with anyone in the world, and much, much more. However, the greatest gift technology gives us is TIME. ADORE™, MdE, Inc.’s performance evaluation software, will help you save time in a variety of ways. For example, using a paperless, web-based system means you can access the information you need from anywhere with an internet connection. Reports and summaries are simple and easy to generate, substantially decreasing the time spent painstakingly creating these by hand! Great Software Protects Your Data Gone are the days of storing documents in filing cabinets. They are not a safe […]

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National Police Week is Here!

Where Did It All Begin? National Police Week was started during John F. Kennedy’s presidency, in 1962. He proclaimed May 15th Peace Officers Memorial Day and established the surrounding week as National Police Week. In 1982, the first Memorial Service was held in Senate Park with about 120 survivors and supporters of law enforcement gathered to remember the fallen. Since then, more events were added to National Police Week and now, the gathering ranges from 25,000 to 40,000 officers and personnel from all over the world. What Happens During Police Week? This year, Monday May 6th starts the week off by remembering the fallen with the Washington Area Law Enforcement Memorial Service. The Annual Blue Mass will be held Tuesday to remember the sacrifices made by law enforcement and to ask for protection for the future. As the week presses on, you can take part in National Police Week’s 5k, the Law Enforcement Unity Tour Arrival Ceremony, and attend the Annual Steve Young National Honor Guard Competition and Pipe Band Competition. The Candlelight Vigil is a somber ceremony, a ‘must-see’ on Monday, the 13th of May at 8pm. Throughout the week, there will also be events specifically for kids and […]

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Police Department Software

Technology is important for almost every kind of business, and the public safety sector is no exception. MdE has developed a variety of web-based software programs which enable police departments to run more smoothly and efficiently in all areas from employee management to equipment tracking and much more. Performance Evaluation Software Being able to access performance evaluation entries when you’re on the job is increasingly important to those in law enforcement. The safety of the public relies heavily on the performance of these individuals, and even the slightest breach of conduct can put the public, as well as your police department at risk. Having performance evaluation software on-the-go is a new and helpful possibility thanks to our web-based software. Observation Reports & Evaluations Our web-based, paperless system for daily observation reports allows you to attach photos, videos, and other documents to use for future reference. Reports can be signed electronically and are customizable for your specific department. Employee Records Management Our ERM software is a great tool for tracking employee’s job requirements and notifying of employee deadlines. All employee records can be maintained in a digital format and accessed only by those who have authorization. Equipment Tracking Our equipment tracking […]

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Police Recruit Termination

Terminating an employee is never a desirable option, but sometimes it is necessary for the efficiency of a company or organization. When it comes to police recruits, it is imperative that only the most qualified advance into the force, for the safety of the public, as well as the rest of the police force. Unfortunately, terminating a police recruit can be a complicated task, in order to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit. Lawsuits regarding termination are more common than you’d think, and can waste precious time and money in legal proceedings. There are, however, steps that can be taken to help prevent wrongful termination suits. Reasons for Termination To help avoid a lawsuit it is important to have specific reasons for termination. So what are the most common reasons for termination? Incomplete or poor reporting skills is one of the most common reasons for police recruit termination. Police reporting is an essential part of a police officer’s job, and recruits who are unable to properly report an incident will unfortunately not be able to continue with the force. Another reason for termination is poor decision making skills. When someone’s life could be on the line, it’s essential for officers to […]

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4 Questions to Ask Your Police Software Vendor

When you are shopping for police software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. There are many vendors out there offering software for police training, employee records management, equipment tracking and even for your K9 unit! When looking for the right software product, don’t forget to also look for a good vendor, because the two are strongly connected. When it comes to buying police software, it’s more than a transaction, because you will likely need ongoing support from your vendor. We’ve put together a few questions you should ask your future vendor to determine whether they are the right fit for your agency. Do you offer training? Whether you are switching from a paper-based system or from different software, there will be a period of adjustment. And because police software is usually rather comprehensive, there may be a steep learning curve ahead. During this transition, it’s nice to have support of your police software vendor in case you have any questions. Be sure to ask whether your vendor offers software documentation, maintains a Help article database or is available to call or email with questions. At MdE, we take it a step further and host user group training to help […]

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