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Strengthen Your Department with Robust Software

Whether you’re running a police force or keeping a group of EMT’s on task, robust software is going to support your department and keep it going strong. Software is an integral part of our current society and its impact continues to grow. Let’s learn more about software, how it shapes our world, and how it’s going to shape your team. What is Software Exactly? Computers are comprised of hardware that runs software. Hardware includes the hard drive, RAM, and other various physical components. Software describes programs and applications that your computer utilizes to get things done. When you turn on your computer, you’ll see a wide variety of software that includes your internet browser, office suite, and even games. When you open your web browser, you have access to the world-wide-web and countless web applications. All of these software options work together to provide a technological experience that you can utilize to become more efficient at work and at home . How Can Robust Software Change the Way We Work? The difference between a good application and a “bad” application is in the way that it serves you. For example, an audio recording application that is unable to save 2 […]

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What to Look for When Evaluating New Recruits

When hiring new recruits to work in the public safety sector, individual evaluation is essential. Effective evaluation allows you to form a professional team operating at peak efficiencies. Most all new recruits go through intense training in their first couple weeks (or months). During this time their performance is evaluated regularly (if not daily) to ensure they are fully capable of performing the critical tasks the job demands. Having worked with public safety in every state nationwide, with our software solutions for public safety, we’re able to share some of the criteria often used when evaluating new recruits. RED Flags in Evaluation Noticing the following things during a new hire’s evaluation period can provide subtle hints they may not be cut out for the job: Not maintaining composure in stressful or emergency situations Inability or unwillingness to coordinate efforts with other officers on-scene Failure to identify and interview all potential witnesses Engaging in distracting activity while driving (i.e. cell phone use) Non-compliance with driving laws Not limiting radio transmissions to only that which is necessary Disrespect to fellow officers or public citizens Inability to adapt appropriately to a change in procedures Untidy appearance or unkempt uniform Inability to keep assigned […]

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Use Software to Keep Track of EMS Equipment

As an EMS manager, you are in charge of many important things, including EMS equipment. In fact, keeping track of equipment is probably one of the most important things you do. While skills and training are crucial, without the right tools an emergency medical technician can’t do his or her job successfully. So how have you been tracking equipment so far? Do you use a bulky spreadsheet or still do everything on paper? Let us show you how you can make this task much simpler by tracking your EMS equipment with specialized software. Prevent Items From Getting Lost or Stolen Every replacement stretcher, walkie-talkie or oxygen regulator you have to buy comes out of a budget, which is not without limits. Meanwhile, when your team is working in an emergency situation, they may forget or simply don’t have time to make sure they pick up all of their tools and equipment. Even if it’s just sheers or a stethoscope, the costs eventually add up. However, when everyone knows that the equipment is being tracked and they are responsible for taking care of it, there is an added layer of accountability that may encourage your staff to be more vigilant. Keep […]

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Managing Employee Performance With Software for EMS

  There are many different types of software employees working in fire and rescue or emergency medical services interact with on a daily basis. There is software for time cards and shifts, dispatch, patient care reporting, inventory, and so on. All of these tools allow emergency responders to do their work fast and efficiently. But what about the human resources department? They might be behind the scenes, but their job is also an important one and could be greatly improved with the right type of software. Today we’ll talk about how you can streamline and automate certain HR functions with employee management software for EMS. Track Job Requirements When it comes to emergency services, such as fire and rescue or EMTs, you need more than a college diploma or experience to get the job. There are many certifications, qualifications and licenses that need to be maintained and renewed when the time comes. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had software that could automatically notify you when someone’s license is about to expire? This would save a lot of room in your already busy schedule and eliminate the need to maintain a dozen of spreadsheets. Streamline Classes Do you offer professional […]

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