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Some Things to Look for When Evaluating New Recruits

After hiring new recruits to work in the public safety sector, individual evaluation is essential. Effective evaluation allows you to form a professional team operating at peak efficiencies. Most all new recruits go through intense training in their first couple weeks (or months). During this time their performance is evaluated regularly (if not daily) to ensure they are fully capable of performing the critical tasks the job demands. Having worked with public safety in every state nationwide, we’re able to share some of the criteria often used when evaluating new recruits. RED Flags in Evaluation Noticing the following things during a new hire’s evaluation period can provide subtle hints they may not be cut out for the job: Not maintaining composure in stressful or emergency situations Inability or unwillingness to coordinate efforts with other officers on-scene Failure to identify and interview all potential witnesses Engaging in distracting activity while driving (i.e. cell phone use) Non-compliance with driving laws Not limiting radio transmissions to only that which is necessary Disrespect to fellow officers or public citizens Inability to adapt appropriately to a change in procedures Untidy appearance or unkempt uniform Inability to keep assigned equipment clean and in order GREEN Flags […]

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4 Ways Software Helps You Run an Effective Correctional Facility

Running a correctional facility is no walk in the park. Whether housing hardened criminals in a penitentiary or running a county jail, running an efficient facility is paramount to success. In today’s day and age, this is a feat not accomplished without the right software. Here are four ways correctional facility software helps you run an effective correctional facility. Performance Evaluation No matter what business you are in, performance evaluations are necessary for good management. The correctional business is no exception. With proper correctional facility software, performance reports can be easily accessed and edited from anywhere. Documents, files, and pictures can easily be attached to reports, including existing reports which can be integrated into your new system. Efficiency in Field Training Today’s software has replaced filing cabinets, at least for those looking to run at peak efficiency. The A.D.O.R.E. module is a web-based and paperless field-training software which streamlines the field training performance evaluation process and can even integrate backlogged employee reviews. It’s entirely customizable to your specific business and provides instant access to trainee strengths and weaknesses for remediation/termination reports. Equipment Tracking It takes a lot of equipment to run a correctional facility. From the gear worn by guards […]

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Saving Lives with Reliable Dispatch Software

Communication centers are at the heart of the dispatching process and their accuracy and efficiency must be their highest priority. Here’s how they can do their job more efficiently and save lives with reliable dispatch software.

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Is Performance Evaluation Bias Affecting your Department?

Many branches of the public safety sector employ professionals whose primary job is to ensure the safety of the public. Because of this, it is incredibly important that they perform their duties efficiently, carefully, responsibly, and without error. In order to be ensure that your employees are fit to take on the important roles they are assigned, a performance evaluation system must be in place. One problem faced in performance evaluations is bias. Bias is a prejudice or inclination in favor of or against someone. It is fair to both the employee and the organization they work for, that performance evaluations be free from bias. But how do we avoid this? Let’s first take a look at some common evaluation biases and trends that occur in the workplace: Men and women are sometimes evaluated more critically or more lenient because of their gender. Evaluators tend to be more forgiving around the holidays and New Year. Trends have been found that show discrepancies on evaluations based on the day of the week (i.e. Monday versus Friday). The time of day can have an effect on quality of evaluations, i.e. more strict at the beginning of a shift and more lenient at the end of the day. A […]

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Software is Crucial for Efficiency in Public Safety

In the public safety industry, efficiency is vital. Your department can easily help employees improve efficiency by providing the most up-to-date public safety software solutions. Just as efficient employees are critical in effectively serving the public, a user-friendly, customizable software system is essential in improving effectiveness for any public-safety agency. Accurate Reporting What’s the point of a report if the information isn’t accurate? One of the largest selling points of technology in today’s work environment is its ability to complete complex calculations in a matter of seconds. Calculations that would take hours to compute by hand are now done instantaneously. Software developed by professionals who have worked in and with the public safety sector contains reporting that is customized for the public safety professional. It makes sense to buy software designed specifically for public-safety use! Up-to-date Logs Logs must be accurate to the minute. When a file is updated, it must update dynamically everywhere – at the same time. When you’re still using paper records, stale data can lead to mistakes; mistakes can cause severe consequences. For this reason, you want to partner with a public safety software solution that can deliver on-demand information across departments simultaneously. You gain the […]

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How Software can Help your K9 Program

Dedicated Software Helps Your K9 Program Run More Efficiently Implement dedicated K9 software to help manage the unexpected issues that arise in managing and running your K9 program. As an employee records management software program can help your department run more efficiently, a K9 software, such as KATS, does the same for a K9 program. Outlined below are specific ways K9-dedicated software can help. Track Costs KATS enables you to track your K9 program’s ongoing costs, such as training and medical expenses. At a glance, you’ll be able to see where inefficiencies may be improved. When budget time rolls around, a K9 system helps with allocating existing funds and seeking additional funds for your program. Determine Training Focus Well-documented training records help ensure a K9 team has met all required prerequisites for certification. This also helps focus a unit’s future training, as it demonstrates area of potential improvement for each K9 team. Print Deployment Logs A dedicated and reliable software for K9 unit management is also helpful when you need to print deployment logs. A piece of software like the KATS program allows for quick and efficient deployment log printing and distribution. This means less work trying to figure out […]

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