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Software for Communications & Dispatch

shutterstock_119019142sCommunication centers are the vital lifelines between the community and law enforcement. And at MdE, Inc., we understand that for someone who uses a variety of software and technology on a daily basis, and whose operations depend on it, reliability is a must. That's why we developed robust and reliable software for communications and dispatch that can simplify and improve your daily job functions.

We have training evaluation software for a variety of (communication) positions like Dispatch, Call-Taking, Teletype, etc. All of our software is customizable for your unique department needs, and our tech support is always here to answer your questions.

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Performance Evaluation

• Automate your existing Performance Evaluations
• Journal entries can be made from anywhere with our web-based software
• Attach documents, photos & files to an evaluation
• Critical reporting for remediation & termination


AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations—A.D.O.R.E.

• Web-based, paperless system for Performance Evaluations and Daily Observation Reports (Easily attach documents & video)
• Color coded performance charts & trending analysis
• Summary and remediation/termination reports
• Customizable for your department



• Allows data input for large groups quickly, e.g. Diversity Workshop
• Easily track all in service training
• Monitor status of students in Basic, Advanced Academies
• Automatically calculate P/F status, class average, class standing
• Charting and trending analysis provides instant feedback


Employee Records Management—ERM

• Tracks all employees’ job requirements
• ‘Flags’ employees’ before job requirement expiration
• Instant notification reduces time spent on researching records
• Access to records is restricted by subject matter and/or status
• Track employee development from date of hire through separation


Equipment Tracking

• Track equipment from purchase through end-of-use
• Document all maintenance and repairs
• Warranty status and expiration tracking
• Instant status report (active, destroyed, sold, etc.)