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Software for Police and Law Enforcement

police-224426_1280At MdE, Inc., we provide a variety of software for police departments, as well as software for law enforcement agencies of any type and size. Our software was designed to ensure accurate record keeping and accountability, while reducing your paperwork load and saving you valuable time. By integrating digital file upload, flexible permission settings, and adjustable notifications and reminders, our software products can automate many of your daily tasks and reduce time spent searching for the right records.

MdE, Inc.'s software products include training and evaluation software for police, field training software, equipment tracking for law enforcement, and several other applications. We have solutions for your HR department, records division, equipment maintenance specialist, and even your K9 unit. Our software was designed in collaboration with public safety departments to meet the unique requirements of your field.

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Performance Evaluation

• Automate your existing Performance Evaluations
• Journal entries can be made from anywhere with our web-based software
• Attach documents, photos & files to an evaluation
• Critical reporting for remediation & termination


AutomateD Observation Reports and Evaluations—A.D.O.R.E.

• Web-based, paperless system for Performance Evaluations and Daily Observation Reports (Easily attach documents & video).
• Color coded performance charts & trending analysis
• Summary and remediation/termination reports
• Customizable for your department (FTO & PTO)



• Allows data input for large groups quickly, e.g. CPR class
• Easily track all in service training
• Monitor status of students in Basic, Advanced Academies
• Automatically calculate P/F status, class average, class standing
• Charting and trending analysis provides instant feedback


Employee Records Management—ERM

• Tracks all employees’ job requirements
• ‘Flags’ employees’ before job requirement expiration
• Instant notification reduces time spent on researching records
• Access to records is restricted by subject matter and/or status
• Track employee development from date of hire through separation


Equipment Tracking

• Track equipment from purchase through end-of-use
• Document usage for qualification/officer involved shooting, etc.
• Equipment maintenance/repair & warranty history
• Instant status report (active, destroyed, sold, etc.)


KATS™ - K9

• Track incidents, training and medical costs
• Determine how much training time is spent in
different areas, by team or activity
• Print deployment logs