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Police Performance Evaluation Software

We all know how hard the job of policing is. Why not try and make that job just a little easier? By utilizing the police performance evaluation software offered by MdE Inc. you can do just that!

Benefits of Automation

More than likely, your department already has some kind of performance evaluation system in place. There's likely a file cabinet somewhere, stuffed with files, and it has just become a hassle to deal with. Remove this hassle by using our police performance evaluation software. We can automate your existing records and make it so they are easy to manage!

Police Performance Evaluation Software

Edit Your Files Anywhere, Anytime!

Whether you are at the precinct or out in the field, you can view, edit, or create new files. Our software allows you to create a running and active log of your officer's performances. No need to wait until you're back at your desk to make a note on a performance evaluation, you can do it in real time.


Comprehensive Performance Evaluations

With our software, you can attach nearly any kind of file or document. Did an officer make a great arrest while wearing a body camera? Now you can insert that video file into the officer's performance evaluation, where it helps to more appropriately showcase the officer's performance. Adversely, if an officer is caught acting inappropriately, it can serve as a reminder, and if too many inappropriate acts are caught, can serve as a rightful means of termination.

Our software has already helped dozens of police departments across the United States and it could help yours! Call us at (1-877-500-5396) or visit our demonstration page to inquire about a free demonstration.